We are a home improvement coordinators network.
Our purpose is to extend customer service on behalf of the General Contractor and/or other professionals, in the home improvement industry. By aiding them with exceptional customer service and coordination, we give them the opportunity to fully concentrate on the quality of work that needs to be completed for a specific project.
NO, they do not work FOR US, they work WITH US. Before joining our team network of professionals in the home improvement industry, you should know that every professional must follow our network protocol and pass specific interview. The most important requirements they must have are: years of experience, all appropriate licenses and excellent references.
NO! Our Network is not involved in any money transactions for completed jobs. You do not pay through the Network, you will be dealing directly with the General Contractor according to the agreement between both sides, before starting the project.
YES! We have done thorough research within our specific market before offering prices.
That is simple!
#1. We are ONE-STOP-SHOP Network with high-end costumer service.
#2. We have both sides to create a successful ending for the home project (homeowners + home improvement professionals + General Contractors = success).
#3. We coordinate a perfect match for the job.
#4. Our Licensed Real Estate agents can help you sell your home or help you buy a home. We can also help find you a General Contractor or home improvement professionals to fix your home before putting it on the market.
Yes! We have a $300 “Flat Referral Fee Program” in place for jobs consisting of labor costs starting at $15,000.00 and up, for every referred homeowner, when we are hired for the job. Please complete the form under our “Referral Fee Program” page.