Referral fee program

We know how to say thank you for homeowner referrals.
PhilMA Enterprises LLC knows how to say thank you for homeowner referrals. We have a $300 “Flat Referral Fee Program” in place for referring jobs with labor costs starting at $15,000.00 and up, when we are hired for the job.

Follow these important steps:

1. Give our website link to clients who are looking for a General Contractor.

2. After they complete the form request for the General Contractor, please make sure they fill out the referring persons’ information. This will allow us to track all your referrals.

3. After signing the contract between your referred costumer and our General Contractor, we will send you a $300.00 referral fee once the job is confirmed and accepted.

4. The $300.00 will be sent directly to your preferred bank account after our General Contractors or any professionals within our network, are hired for the job.

5. It may take 14 business days for referring customers to receive a referral fee transfer.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that without following all of the above steps, our company will not be able to guarantee referral fee payment to the referring client.

    The referring customer